This project seems cool but do you think you can really make a difference and accomplish your goal of reducing the number of 1987 Topps Baseball cards in circulation ? 

  • Yes ! While I’m doing this to have fun — It is truly my goal to reduce the number of 1987 Topps Baseball cards in cirulation. I say ‘Go Big or Go Home.’

Do you have plans to expand to more years and card companies ? 

  • I’d love to but need to see how it goes with the 1987 Topps Baseball cards. If things go well I’ll definitely expand to another set from the mass production era.

I can purchase 1987 Topps Baseball Cards cheaper than the prices you offer to burn them. Are you making money on this ? 

  • It’s not my goal to make money from this project — but I’m also not trying to lose money.
  • Cards are purchased from Ebay and there are shipping costs.
  • For selling there are paypal fees. If the sale is through Ebay — then there are additional Ebay fees.
  • To burn the cards there are firewood costs.
  • And of course there are costs to run this website.
  • If I do come across a good deal on a card lot I’ll pass along the savings!

How do you decide which cards to burn ? Are you also burning star and rookie ( Bonds & McGwire) cards from the set ?

  • Absolutely — to be clear — no 1987 Topps Baseball Card is safe. We are selecting cards from unopened packs, vending boxes and rack packs. There is no cherry picking. This would not work if we were only burning the commons. At times we may purchase large lots of commons for a really inexpensive price but we’ll make that known and pass along the savings.

Why isn’t this called a FAQ? 

  • Well this is pretty much a FAQ. But FAQ sounds like 1990s Internet. So I’m calling this the Q&A page.

Still have a question ?

  • Leave your question as a comment on this page and I’ll answer it!

5 Responses to Q&A

  1. chet says:

    I’ve been supplementing my gasoline with the gum from the packs. One stick gets 2-3 mph improvement on the highway. Test results are inconclusive for city milage.

  2. Chad says:

    In theory you are right on, in practive you’re idea is way off. I collected thousands of cards when I was a kid in the late 70’s and 80’s and I (like you) got pissed off when the baseball card industry got so bloated it popped. However, now that the prices have dropped to nothing my brother and I can finally buy all the stars we loved as a kid for practically nothing. Case in point is my beloved Rickey Henderson rookie 1980 Topps. If card values would have kept increasing like you wished your 87′ set did that card would be like 500 freakin dollars, instead I bought like 3 (which i can now enjoy) for about 50 bucks. I say lets hope cards keep falling in value so I can buy thousands more for pennies on the dollar and enjoy them for what they are: cool cards not investments..Hell I bought 25 87′ will clarks for like 5 bucks..Thank God for the fall of cards..I say lets hope they keep dropping in value….Chad (but I did like your idea…)

    • Zach says:

      Hey Chad — Thanks for visiting the site ! I think most collectors have balance between cool cards and investments — at least I do anyway. When I’m not burning 1987 Topps cards I do work on my personal collection. While it is mostly about getting fun cards that I want there is a certain value angle that makes collecting fun as well — but that doesn’t really exists for cards produced during the junkwax era.

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