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New Video: 1987 Topps Baseball Cards Find a Safe Place to Hide !

Here’s a new burncardburn video. In this episode, 1500 1987 Topps Baseball Cards are making a run for it ( from me ! ) Eventually I catch up to them.┬á There is no escaping ­čÖé

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BurnCardBurn — 1987 Topps — 800 Count Box — Watch This – Sweet !!!!

Ok it’s been a while since I posted a burn video. I have been busy moving and now that I’m settled in it’s time to get back to this project. This video is from my old house. You could say … Continue reading

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BurnCardBurn — 1987 Topps Complete Set — Barry Bonds ! Fantastic !

Since I started this project I’ve been noodling on the idea of how to use a table saw to cut baseball cards in half. It seemed challenging as well as a fun thing to do in support of reducing the … Continue reading

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BurnCardBurn — 1987 Topps Baseball Card Rack Pack ! Awesome !

I┬árecently acquired a 1987 Topps Baseball Card Rack Pack. After some fumbling around to open get this sucker open I was able to take a look at the cards. Hey it’s been probably 20 years since I’ve opened one of … Continue reading

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YouTube Video: How to Destroy a Baseball Card

I found this video on youtube and it’s pretty sweet. Another great idea for reducing the number of overcirculated baseball cards our there. I’m not sure if it’s a scalable way (i.e. don’t tell the wife) to reduce the number … Continue reading

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1987 Topps Baseball Card Burn Video!

1987T BB Card Collectors — Here’s an awesome video of how to open a pack of 1987 Topps Baseball cards. If more collector’s opened their packs like this we’d be able to reduce the number in circulation very quickly.

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