Hello 1987 Topps Baseball card collectors,

If you are like me you collected 1987 Topps Baseball cards in the late 1980s and early 1990s. I have lots of fond memories of the era but am disappointed to see that my sports cards collections are generally worthless.

I have created this project to restore respect to one of the great baseball card sets of the 1980s — The 1987 Topps Baseball card set. This set has lots of great stars and rookie cards — McGwire, Bonds, Bo Jackson, Jose Canseco, Will Clark, Kirby Puckett, Roger Clemens to name a few.

To put these cards back into the minds of collectors I am taking action to reduce the number of cards in circulation. To do this I will be burning 1987 Topps Baseball Cards in my fireplace. No card is safe. This includes rookies, All Stars and even graded cards.

To accomplish my mission, I need the help of all sports cards collectors. I will be buying card lots of 1987 Topps baseball cards off the market to burn and my own funds will only last so long. So I will be listing card lots on eBay for collectors to purchase and I will burn them in my fireplace. Your purchase will be documented, photographed and credit given on the official BurncardBurn website.

This is your chance to help restore respect to 1987 Topps Baseball Cards.

5 Great Reasons to purchase:

  1. Support the reduction of 1987 Topps Baseball Cards in circulation.
  2. Your contribution will be recognized on the Contributors Page on this website.
  3. Weekly card burnings will be photographed and posted to this website.
  4. You can tell your friends that you are part of the BurnCardBurn Project.
  5. This project is really cool.

How to buy:

  • Purchase through PayPal.

    Select how many 1987Topps BB cards to burn in your name:

  • Purchase through Ebay

Still on the fence ? Other ways you can help:

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  • Tell your friends!

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